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Wrist Snapper


The WRIST SNAPPER from Ernie Parker is a new training tool which focuses specifically on that part of the release which can present some frustrating problems; the snap. This product specifically address the problems of weak, or incorrect snaps for both underhand and overhand pitching/throwing.

When the wrist snap is performed properly, the *CLACK* is both heard and felt, providing instant feedback. If the wrist snap has a twisting motion or is not snapped hard enough, there is no 'clack'. That lack of 'clack' is also a form of instant feedback indicating that something is not right. So with this tool, the player gets both positive and negative feedback instantly. During the process of shaping the snap correctly and receiving positive feedback, both muscle-memory and strength build. All of these come together to improved the shape and strength of the wrist snap.

I have performed some testing with this tool and I have seen it work effectively in multiple cases where the pitcher had a weak and/or slightly crooked snap. Now these pitchers are pitching noticeably harder and with much more enthusiasm. I highly recommend this tool if you need help with wrist snaps.

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